Industrial & Infrastructure


Building the Future

Aston Harald works alongside government agencies and leading Swedish research institutes including Chalmers University of Technology to invest valuable research and development hours into advancing the use of composites in infrastructure and construction because we believe that it is the future.

Composite structures are lightweight and can often be produced off site in modular form, then transported and assembled at a fraction of the cost of many traditional building materials.  A supporting structure made of composite materials can be assembled in hours or days rather than in weeks or months.  Given the durability of the composite materials, maintenance intervals can be reduced as compared to traditional building materials. These are just some of the reasons to explore whether to use composite materials in your next building or infrastructure project.  Contact Aston Harald to see how we can help.

Advancement Through Research


As a composite manufacturer, Aston Harald would like to be at the forefront of material and technolgical development in our field. As such we are actively involved in a number of projects seeking to advance the use of composites in our target industries, foremost of which is research into composite applications in infrastructure in conjuction with Chalmers University of Technology here in Sweden.

Heavy Industry Going Lightweight

As composites are increasingly applied in the industrial sector, Aston Harald works with our customers to bring the advantages of this technology home where its benefits can be maximized. We will gladly undertake a specific project at a customer’s request. But we are equally interested in exploring applications in areas perhaps not previously considered. We can handle both small, limited prototype runs to large volume production. Our customers big and small will receive the same care and service delivery across the board because although we are not the only composite manufacturer in our field, we like to think that we are one of the best!