HEAT and pressure

We utilise three methods of composite curing: Autoclave, Press & Oven.

Autoclave curing is used to achieve the absolute minimum amount of resin voids when producing composite components maximising strength to weight ratio. This is done by placing the part under vacuum in an autoclave and then pressurising the autoclave during a heated cure cycle.
For larger production runs we can utilise our hydraulic composite press. This allows us to reduce the cure cycle from hours to minutes, significantly increasing the number of parts we can produce in a given timeframe.

Our autoclave is:

  • 11 x 2 Metres
  • Fully programmable control system with ramping temperature and pressure
  • Individual vacuum, temperature alarming and logging
  • Rated for up to 10 Bar and 150°C

Our press:

  • Press area 800 x 600mm
  • Max force 1300 kN, min 55kN
  • Opening distance 600mm
  • Work temp 250°C max working temperature