Building the Future

Increased understanding and application of carbon fibre is constantly bringing it down in price and industry & infrastructure has a lot to gain from this.

Lightweight composite structures can often be produced off-site, in modular form then transported and assembled at a fraction of the cost and time of many standard alternatives. A supporting structure can therefore go up in hours/days rather than weeks or months and because of the durability of the material, the maintenance aspect is vastly reduced when compared to the intervals at which traditional materials need servicing. We are working alongside government agencies and leading Swedish research institutions, investing time, skill & money in advancing the use of composites in infrastructure & construction because in short, we believe it’s the future.

Advancement Through Research

As a composite manufacturer, Aston Harald want to be at the forefront of material & technolgical development in our field. As such we are actively invloved in a number of projects looking to advance the use of composites in our target industries, foremost of which is reserach into composite applications in infrastructure in conjuction with Chalmers University of Technology here in Sweden.